Unit Mix (All 1b/1b) MFR - 2-4

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Hi all

Would people invest in, or steer clear of, a nice 3 unit property if all the units were 1/1.  All the other fundamental appear solid, but that unit mix seems like a potential constraint?  

I found a post on here from about 5 years ago and consensus seemed to be to steer clear of 1/1's just wondering if that's still the prevailing sentiment - it was my initial though, but thought I'd ask the forum.  



@David J Carciere , I'd consider it, assuming the numbers work. I think the worry with 1-beds is that they attract more "transient" tenants. Maybe that's something to be concerned with if you had 20, 1-bed units. In your case, 3 units in a nice neighborhood, keep an open mind.