AC units in bulk?

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone know any vendors where you can get ac units for possibly a bulk discount? The 5 unit my partner and I took over had a lot of negligence from the previous owner and all of the ac units should most likely be replaced so ~ 8-9 units.

Window units or package units or split systems or mini splits?  What kind of AC's are you looking for?

@Doug Phillips

Just a question Doug, why are you guys supplying/replacing window units? For me that would be an appliance I don’t supply, like a washer and dryer or fridge.

@Matt M.

Well, we inherited the building with AC units so I figured they would be a mix between an amenity/necessity with how hot Cincinnati can be sometimes.  I am curious though, you mentioned you don't supply refrigerators in your units?  Do you ever have any issues with that, just curious?

@Doug Phillips

Here’s what I would do.. let the ac’s go and replace as needed in occupied units. If a unit goes empty and it’s got an old unit, put in your lease that you aren’t responsible to repair or replace.

Our properties are all single family homes. Problems? No, lots of people have their own fridge, and if they don’t, they’ll need to buy one. Appliances these days are garbage and not worth repairing as it’s not cost effective. If you buy a fridge and it craps out in 3 years, that’s another $600+, and likewise for W/D. Stoves are my responsibility, along with DW if there is one.

@Doug Phillips

Good luck. As for bulk window units, I’d go to Home Depot and Lowe’s , go to the pro desk and see what they can do (if anything) about the price for multiple units

Like previously stated, the big box stores are probably your best bet w this situation, or a going out of season sale. I wouldn't really consider 5 ac units buying in bulk tho. That's awesome you bought a 5 unit apartment though. Keep on killing it.

@Doug Phillips

Hi Doug,

Here is a Window A/C tip.

Look at the amperage draw of the existing units and try not to go over that amount, just match it.

Some may have special plugs and some may not, so look at each one and take a cell phone pic of the plug if it's not a regular plug so you can show the sales tech.

They don't last forever, some last only a few years. It's hard to tell what the service life is, so be ready to replace any of the new ones at any time if you want happy tenants who renew their leases.

Good Luck!

@Doug Phillips just curious, why go back with window units?  I realize the cost difference between window units and central heat and air, but are you doing any remodeling?  A large reason residents move is due to high utility costs.  In my personal properties, I've installed new central heat and air when doing larger construction.  

On the construction side, I've never installed a ductless system, but we are doing our first for a client in the next month or so.  Unsure of the longevity, but event better in terms of utility costs.

BTW, if you go to Lowe's, ask about the QSP program and you should be able to get a bulk discount.  We recently did that with appliances and the cost savings is significant.

Oddly enough, my property manager found the lowest price on window units from Cincinnati Coin Laundry. Still pretty expensive IMO. I would check that out. If you find a better deal, I'd be interested to know.