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Listening to the podcast ive been advised multiple times to to just join and make a new member post. So here i am. My main goal at this time is to learn as much as i can about house hacking my 1st property before april, 2020 which is the deadline to move somewhere new. I am in lake county illinois and also looking for people in the area to network with. Have a great day everyone and keep growing.

@Chris Perry Welcome to the team! I find that what you get out of BP is about equal to what you put in. It's great to be able to learn from those who have been there before and to help those who are where you have just been.

Good luck!

Good Luck Chris I am a new member as well and my  first post is forthcoming today.

I am currently house-hacking a 2 flat in Chicago but I moved from a 2Bd/Bath townhouse that I am trying to rehab to get more liquidity. Its a great strategy and I applaud your efforts. You already made a great first step by establishing a drop dead date to begin so follow that up with massive action and you will do well. Good luck!

@John Warren thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to reach back. I am targeting better areas such as lake forest, lake bluff, Schaumburg, lake zurich, vernon hills, long grove, areas i believe will continue to be thriving markets. My fear is there are no multi unit homes in that area or atleast not any for sale. And yea i would love an agent referral. I plan on using an fha loan since my credit is just getting started and I dont think i will have anymore than 14k for a deposit.

@Martin V. That would be awesome. Thank you for reaching out. One of my biggest fears right now is locations. I dont want to settle for a bad location just to find one because ive been told location plays a vital role in that properties future success but i also fear i wont find any deals in the better areas like the lake bluffs, lake forest, long grove, etc. Thank in advance for the help.

@Spencer Gray thank you for the warm welcome. My goal is to learn and continue to pass that knowledge as those who helped me did. I dont have much to offer at this moment, but i will definately try to help others whenever i feel my opinion can honestly help because i know what im talking about as opposed to giving a half knowledgeable answer and confusing or misguiding others.

@James Bridges thank you so much. And one of the 1st things i learned is if you to lazy or afraid to take massive action, this isnt the business for you. Thats exactly how i know, this business IS for me. Would it be ok for me to reach out to you from time to time with any question or hardships that may arise?

My name is Omar Ismael. I live and invest in New Jersey. I’m a licensed real estate agent, an investor in real estate and a certified carpenter. I am also an active buy and hold investor looking to grow my portfolio of properties.

I decided to get my real estate license to be my own realtor and to help other future investors. It’s been 7 years, I own and co-own a total of eight properties. All either currently being rented or with the intention of being rented. The journey as an investor has been fruitful, but with all good things comes it’s challenges such as obstacles with tenants, the respective city laws,co-ownership nd etc. I will write all about it as a general reflection for present and future investors in real state with hopes of generating helpful discussions and classified and exclusive guide for persons wanting to know more about real estate, real estate investments, real estate rehab, construction and the laws of New Jersey which caters to the previously listed.

-O. Ismael

@Martin Vehlow I am looking at doing something similar buying a duplex an house hacking. What do you recommend when buying in terms of down payment an cash flow? Put the max amount down you can or not as much of your own money in an just let the tenants pay down your mortgage every month an don’t make extra payments? Thanks in advance!

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@Drew Gedemer thank you for the heads up i have only went once but starting this 10th i will be attending regularly. Do you attend too?

 Yep typically I do.  I didn't go in June since I was on vacation though.  Let me know if you want to chat, I'm happy to meet up before hand.