Grow after first home

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But I've been talking to my spouse recently about after we acquire our first property what we would do next and I Kind of don't have any ideas I really do want to scale to be able to get financially free by 28 I'm just unsure on what to do next and because I really want to buy more than one house or rental property a year and I just don't know if that is possible with house hacking from a FHA so would really Appreciate any steps that could help me grow my incoming business next year so I can get a map or Road plan you know for the upcoming years

@Aldeshon Brooks focus on getting your first property and figure out what it takes to handle that one. At the same time, figure out your goal of what financially free really means (how much rental income do you need to have monthly). Then figure out how many houses you need to have to hit your goal. 

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@Aldeshon Brooks Hello Aldeshon. Trend your local REIA meetings and start networking sir. You need to get around like minded investors and you can get some great strategies to deploy in your business. You work the BRRRR method to start out then you scale to your next venture. You cannot see the path now, but soon as you grow and step out of your comfort zone will you see the next opportunity present itself.

@Aldeshon Brooks - I would define what you want your life to look like at 28, then work backwards with goal setting.  A typical goal break down might look like:

5 yr goal

3 yr goal

2 yr goal

1 yr goal

9 month

6 month

3 month

this month

this week


Here's a link to a Bigger Pockets podcast episode that might help.

Just with these few post, you have more than enough information to accomplish your goal  so the next step is ACTION

@Aldeshon Brooks I would focus on acquiring one property at a time. Learn from there. Buy books that are relatable to your craft. Listen to podcast and maybe attend some bootcamps. This will give you more direction and ideas of where you want to start and focus your time on the most.