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Hey BP

I’m David.... nice to meet you all😊

Part 1

I’m a project manager for a construction company on the Space Coast with investment dreams. I’ve been in the insurance related restoration industry most of my life ( basically wind, hurricane, and hail claims) and I’ve noticed something that most investors haven’t.

A large percentage of commercial investors don’t file claims when natural disasters occur. I’d say 50% or more..... and I can’t seem to figure out why.

“ALL” of the wealthiest clients I’ve had over the years were REIs, but the top 10 wealthiest were very quick to capitalize on large losses.

Help me understand why some “investors” run away from this opportunity and choose a loss in property value over fighting an insurance company.

I can understand if you own a small 2k sq ft building that’s kinda run down, but I’ve seen countless property owners walk away from millions....

Why is this?

Part 2

I’d like to connect with as many commercial investors as I can. Construction pays good but I’ll use the money from that to invest and build real, lasting wealth.

Personally I love small MFR in the 6-20 unit range. It's mostly mom'n'pop owners so it's relationship dependent.

Looking to add more of those to personal portfolio but also looking to take down larger properties with potential partners/ syndication. 

@David L. Pitman Jr. Welcome! We have a couple of good meetups going on over here in Winter Park/Orlando. Let me know if you are interested. 

As far as your question, I can only surmise that most MF owners do not think like a business owner, but a homeowner and are worried that their rates will go up or they will be cancelled. They do not know how it really works in commercial/MF. 

@David L. Pitman Jr I’d be happy to connect. I’m down in the Tampa Bay Area, although we target different sub markets across Florida.