Multi Unit Rental Property Cash Flow Targets

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I attended the podcast on Thursday for Real Estate Newbies.  It was awesome and very inspiring! In the podcast, Brandon indicated that he seeks $100/unit/month cash flow for a multi family investment. I read the e-book 7 Years to 7 Figure Wealth and it mentions using $200/unit/month as the target. However, the book was written in 2015.  Is this difference due to the market conditions changing from when the e-book was originally written or is $200/unit/month cash flow still a reasonable and attainable target?  What per unit/month target do others seek to determine if an investment is worthwhile?  Thanks!

@Billy Rudasill it is possible to achieve the $100pm NET Cashflow if you look hard enough for the right deal.

 The key is to buy and good parts of town and not in the hood, some properties in the hood may show strong Cashflow on paper, while in reality their management is not for the faint hearted.

More often than not, you will find property that has a value add potential, where you can push the rents upwards to achieve much better returns.