Master lease option

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Hello everyone,

I am interested in an apartment complex that is 28 units and only has 2 vacant units. I want to do a master lease option because I don’t have the funds to purchase it or put 20% down.

I’m just looking for some advice on doing this and good ways to make it happen.

@Chad Hoober , the seller must be in a pickle or bad situation for them to agree to a master lease option. If the property is cash flowing and operating as it should be, then more than likely this deal will open up to a pool of buyers who can obtain financing to take the property down. The only time I seen or noticed where master lease options work, is if the property is operating below market standards, distressed, bad management etc ... then the master lease would be a good option to deploy. Good luck

@Chad Hoober it all depends on the seller. Have you asked for owner financing?

A Lease option may require a deposit as well so if the seller is willing to do a lease option you will be better off with owner financing.