Lazy Real Estate Agent

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Are you already in contract? What specifically is making them lazy? There are parts of the deal where the real estate professional should be in high communication, busy, working hard... There are also parts of the deal where its a lull. Whats going on? Can you elaborate more? 

Have you tried giving the agent a ton of feedback? At the end of the day, they work for you, and will want you to be happy. Even when I butt heads with clients, I always accept the feedback. 

@Jason Harrison , not sure how ethical that would be. Your reputation is all you have in business. Especially as you're just starting out. I would just move on to the next deal. Good luck

@Jason Harrison It’s hard to bypass an agent if they have a good relationship with the seller.  That could cause the seller to not want to work with you.  

You asked about taxes on the building?  That can usually be found in public records.  When they said “I don’t know” did you ask them to find out or just end the conversation there?  People sometimes need to be literally “herded” to do the things you need them to do.  

@Jason Harrison , While I COMPLETELY sympathize and get your position, a couple of things to keep in mind, in particular if you have signed a buyers agreement with her, then there is probably a clause in there about being able to get the commission from any properties that she showed you or introduced you to for 90 days after you terminate the relationship. While we were trying to sell a house from half way around the world, I had one that I told her what the house would have to minimum at because we didn't have much equity in it and rent wasn't cover the costs, but I would prefer to take a light bath each month than take any money to close. "Oh I am sure we can get at least that much plus some for you to walk away with" So we pulled it off the renal market tried selling it for a couple of months, received offers at 70-80% of the minimum. I told her to pound sand, started renting again and sold 2 years later with the guy I should have gone with, but 2nd guessed myself because the Property Management firm (who were STELLAR) spoke so highly of her. 

My advice, ride her like a rented mule until she does what you want/ need (and while it is always frustrating because of how much freaking commission she will get at close, you can feel good about it because you are giving her a chance to improve ;- ) and then don't use her again.