Multi Family Mentor/Coaches

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Hey everyone,

Can anyone recommend a MF mentor/coach that I could potentially bring value to in whatever way in return for their guidance?

If not, can anyone recommend a paid mentor/coach with credibility that I could lean on?

I ask this bc I watch YouTube and podcasts religiously but am aware that the time factor would be benefitted tremendously If there was something there to help out.

I would appreciate your feedback


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@Matt Nettles there are a lot of mentors/coaches that you can hire and learn from. They will definitely cut your learning curve down and give you the confidence you will need to move forward in this business. @Vinney Chopra, @Joe Fairless, @Michael Blank, @Rod Khlief, @Jake and Gino all have great programs. A lot of their students have gone on to create 6 and 7 figure business based on their practices and teachings. You should learn as much as you can from these guys. You should choose a mentor who you can resonate with. Good luck on your journey

@Tj Hines you have listed  some recommendations or options about concerning MF mentors or coaches i the thread above. Which one offers the most personalized help out of the list mentioned? As for as that if you offer help and can’t just come out and say so DM me:)

Account Closed I can only vouch for who I personally worked with. My mentor is Vinney Chopra and not to say the other guys are not reputable. I've heard great things about them and have been following them for quite sometime as well. You just have to go with your gut on who resonates the most with you. If you would like to hear more about Vinneys program inbox me.

@Matt Nettles there are so many GURU's out there today it's sickening. Half of them purely created coaching platforms so they can have bird dogs and capital raisers for themselves. I would ask them how much them bring in a year on coaching vs investments. 

Depending on how much time you have and flexibility I would honestly recommend working for a reputable investment firm. This could be in office or simply from home depending on what strengths you have. You will learn substantially more from a group who does deals than coaching.