Property Backs up to A Water Treatment Plant

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I am currently looking into purchasing a duplex that backs up to a water treatment facility. The numbers are good, the building is in good shape and it has at least 1 unit rented out with a long term tenant (have not verified the rental amount). I am just hesitant because I do not know what the impact of the water treatment facility is on this investment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

is it sewage treatment? no to that. but if it's clean water treatment, it may be fine. there is a clean water treatment plant near my home. very clean, large open grass areas, tree lined property. the neighborhood uses this area for playing. kids playing pick up soccer, baseball, tag...whatever.

Unless it's a killer deal I would pass. Some tenants will not even look at it. Also, it may not have a smell today, then a new development comes online and the plant exceeds capacity and you get a smell. I know because this happen to a neighborhood my first rental was in. Bad smell for 2 years until they got a new plant online in a new location. Couldn't smell it at my house but coming into the development, you could. Not worth the risk if you ask me.


As stated above, water treatment could be find, poop treatment is a hell no. There is one on a major road a ways away from us and on a good day you never smell a thing, on a bad day it smells like you're driving through a field of dog crap after it rained for 1/2 mile. 

@Justin Krebs

Funny because it all depends on your location. The City of El Segundo in Los Angeles County sits between a major Airport (LAX) a major Oil Refinery and down wind from a water treatment plant (stinky) average cost of a SFR 1.2 million. So a single factor like a water treatment plant isn't going to make or break the deal you need to grade the area as a whole based on the comps. I believe there is much more to evaluating a property then single factors. Just my take. Good luck!

Go for it ! This could work out and keep you from doing toilet repairs at 2:00 in the morning ! When the tenant calls about the crapper ..just tell him to go to the backyard at the sewage plant and relieve himself there for now