Studying Business at OSU, now looking for RE internship

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I am a junior at The Ohio State University studying at the business school with a specialization in Real Estate. I have done one successful BRRRR method and am using the extra cash to fund my second investment deal (hopefully closing next Friday).

I am looking to get more involved in the industry and quite frankly learn from experts in the field. OSU offers many internships and opportunities for business student, however in the Real Estate realm, there is not much available. 

Does anyone know of opportunities like internships, or part time jobs, related to RE or more specifically large multi-family investment, that I could pursue?

My Skills:

- Analytic tracking & data organization

- Practical knowledge of construction costs & timelines

- Local market knowledge of rent and purchase prices

@Steven Wilson You should join the local ULI chapter. It is pretty cheap for students and you get to network with the owners of large multifamily investment firms. I would also reach out to the head of The Ohio State Center for Real Estate. Start going to those meets. They have breakfast series in Mason Hall.

@steven wilson, your first mistake is going to OSU :-)  Go Wolverines!!

When you say specializing in real estate are you looking to run your own syndication, property management, construction management?  If it is property management I know a few large regional companies that manage in the Columbus area that I could put you in contact with.

Good luck in your journey! It'll be a fun ride.

@Steven Wilson You May have more luck connecting with Sf/small MF businesses just because there are more of them out there. You might connect with @Mitch Deminski who is a big investor and local business owner. I connected with him about a year ago and it’s changed my life. You may also think about Homevestors. They are a gigantic RE corporation with thousands of locally owned franchises. I’d guess there is ample opportunity in our area with Homevestors.

SF/Small MF May not be your end game, but I’d bet that you will learn a ton about the real estate industry and you’re local market by rubbing elbows with the people out on the streets working the SF scene.

If ever you want to talk more, please reach out.

@Mitch Deminski Is a great person to contact. I met with him after I got laid off at JPMorgan.

@Steven Wilson I have been to about 6 breakfast series so far. The head of the center, MB, set up meetings with some serious players in Cbus. People like Brent Crawford and Paul Crim. If you want to go with smaller multifamily and single-family PM firms, then reach out to Mitch or @Peter Lohmann . If you want to go after the bigger stuff, then you will need to talk to MB so she can introduce you.

Hey @Remington Lyman . It’s as easy as joining the multifamily Investor Nation - Columbus group on Then you’ll get updated to when the events are scheduled. I think they are typically the third week of the month.

I apologize for the confusion last Friday. We both called in to the conference line you shared with him at 5pm last Friday. Would you like to reschedule that call?

@Steven Wilson You should go bigger for your internship. Get a list of all of the largest apartment owners in your area, largest developers, and all of the commercial real estate brokerages.

Contact all of the alumni at those shops with a professional email, follow up call, and real estate or financial analysis work product sample.

You can always decide to leave the bigger investment shops once you are there. But you can’t break into those roles very easily after graduation if you don’t start out in the industry.

You will learn how to work as a professional, and then be much more qualified to do your own syndication later.

@Matt Engle I cannot figure out why Google automatically sets up a conference call. Yeah, lets reschedule. I will send you a DM.

Thanks for the info on multifamily Investor Nation. I see I actually have already signed up for a meeting.

@Steven Wilson I would also check out COIN and Dealmaker's session. I believe you can find those events on the BP platform.

@Remington Lyman I appreciate the help. I will definitely go to some breakfast series.

@Matt Engle thanks for the tip I will look into those meet ups!

@Sean McCluskey thats solid advice! DO you have experience forming that type of email? How would I set my self up for that, since I only have small MF experience and am only able to commit part time?

@Steven Wilson This would be your typical networking email, nothing complex about it.

Something like one of these:


Hi Patrick,

I'm an MBA with 2 years of experience working for a real estate developer in China. While there, I worked in project management, acquisitions, market research and asset management.

I'm currently looking for a new role in southern California, and I'm very interested in the Acquisitions Analyst role at XYZ Industrial.

I believe I have all the skills your team is looking for in an Analyst, and I would love to give you a call to discuss.

Do you have 20 minutes free at some point, perhaps tomorrow or next week, for a quick call? I promise not to take too much of your time.

Thanks so much,


PS. I've attached an office acquisition, IRR-based waterfall model I built using the Argus AE cash flows I laid out to underwrite an active OM, as a work sample.


Hi Ray,

I'm a fellow Boston University alum (2005), reaching out to you in the effort to build up my Orange County CRE network.

I've heard great things about XYZ, and I would truly appreciate the chance to learn about your experiences there and how you got to your current position as Senior Managing Director.

I'm going to be in the Newport Beach area all next week, and I was wondering if you might have time for a quick coffee chat near your office? I promise not to take up too much of your time!

All the best,