Visiting Cleveland & Pittsburgh next week for Multifamily

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Hello everyone !

I will be visiting Cleveland and Pittsburgh next week to take a look on some MFH deals.

I'm seeking for the following people to work with in the area:

-Realtors / brokers


-Reliable Contractors

-property managers

Looking to have some meetings/tours or if anyone is interested in letting me buy them a cup of coffee/beer to chat about the area / your experiences or show off the progress they are making, would love to meet up!




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@Anan Shalabana Best of luck to you in your search for an MFH in the Pittsburgh area. Pittsburgh is a strong market to invest in for many reasons. Ensure you are getting with those that have solid experience in those markets....Gary

Hi Anan,

Looking forward to connecting on the phone. To provide guidance on the debt side. Pittsburgh is a market where Fannie/Freddie will lend 80% on properties with a 1.25x cover, naturally non-recourse. In your pursuit, keep this in mind. Bridge money is usually available for deals $1,000,000 +. If you have any questions about agency financing, please reach out. My background, as you’ll see on LinkedIn, is thorough. Kindly know, Berkadia is directly licensed by Fannie/Freddie and we are high-volume agency bankers.