Does anyone tint their home windows?

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We've recently purchased a multi in Arlington, Texas pretty close to six flags and the AT&T stadium. The windows are still in pretty good shape, but sadly they are single pane, and this Texas heat can be pretty strong at times. Our AC's are only about 4 years old and they're 2.5 ton so we know it's adequate for the spaces in each unit. I'm thinking about installing some window tint for each window facing the south side sun. Has anyone used window tint on their homes? They're very common in Abu Dhabi, where I used to live, and I don't remember seeing them everywhere in Las Vegas, where I also used to live. It makes sense to have them. Does anyone have any recommendations?

When we lived in Ca we had window film on all windows for sun and earthquake protection. Works great. I would have it professionally installed. Stay away from tints that turn purple with time. Ask the installer.

In Vegas we sometimes use tint or more often “sunscreens” (think tightly woven screen windows) but many only use on south windows or not as all it it makes windows appear dirty and house appear dark. (Eventually you don’t notice until you remove them for cleaning or from damage.)