FIG fourplex investment group

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Hello so I’m looking for multi family home and my agent came upon FIG in Cypress Texas. If anyone who has bought properties from FIG from either Texas, Idaho, and Utah I would like to hear your story about it and whether it was a good investment for you. If you know more about the FIG could you share some insight for me.

@Jonathan Anderson I’ve never bought from them but I’ve meet the operator of FIG and found him and his team to be transparent and easy to speak with. You should call them directly and get a few references to call. Hopefully a BP person has bought from them before.

@Jonathan Anderson

I have looked at FIG properties too and I love the areas they invest in.

Their investment model may not be for everyone - no criticism implied.

There are pros and cons to any investing approach.

Each investor needs to weigh these options for themselves.

For example, when I invest in syndications, my preference is solid B with light value add. I have also invested in A class with @Danny Randazzo . Others swear by Class C value add. Can’t argue against those either.

I am 65 and in solid secure financial position - so my risk reward ratio leans more towards capital preservation - with solid line drive base hits - rather than swinging for the fences with a Class C value add. If I was 35, those would appeal to be more than they do at 65.

Hope that helps.

Hi,I recently came across FIG and a, interested as well to know if the process went as planned. Construction timing, leasing and hitting their pro-forma numbers. Their markets and product look great. Has anyone seen upside in rents and appreciation in these markets or downside.