Have a deal in Orlando, looking for experienced syndicator

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I am looking to get into syndication with a friend of mine who is a very experienced and successful agent(20plus years in the business) He has done a couple of syndications but it's not his niche. I have never done one. We think we have the ability to raise the money between both of our networks, and are interested in an off market 330+ unit apartment complex in Orlando that has been vacant for 4 years. some serious value add. Rehab estimates at 30k a unit put us at about 10 million cost. We could get this property for about 15 million, so 25 million all in. Does this look like a good deal on the surface? Are there any experienced Florida investors or syndicators that could give their thoughts?

@Cole Souza - i'm not a syndicator, however if these units are of decent size/quality, then $76k per is a very good deal for Orlando. Depending on how close (better yet, how near to the parks), if you're renting at $1000-1100 (avg), you'll be in very good shape.

@Cole Souza what is the property story? what are the rent deltas between market and what they were charging? What's your projected IRR? What is your management proforma saying per unit rehab? What type of bridge loan are you getting? You should have an answer for all of these questions before reaching out to syndicator to help. My guess is that this deal has some serious fault that everyone is passing on and you haven't found it yet.

@Cole Souza happy to help how I can but just to let you know, without experience in a syndication like this, you will (most likely) find it hard to take down with just you and your partner. Lenders want to see the experience of the sponsors. And in this case you are looking at a bridge loan in the short term and then rolling it into agency debt down the road.  Your team on the ground in Orlando has to be solid. 

Orlando is a great city but some areas are tough so one would need to review. You can message me and could also give you some Orlando contacts.

@Cole Souza to shout out whether its a good deal or not depends on many more factors other than it being off market. Hows the area? Good or bad? Usually want to start there. We're down here in the Tampa Fl market and have our eyes on Orlando as well. Lets connect. PM me.