Books on apartment investing

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Can I please get recommendations on books you have found helpful for apartment investing? Amazon has an abundance of material. Its hard to know which book is worth the time. I am trying to avoid something that's primarily hype and "why you should invest in real estate...its the best thing since sliced bread" feel to the book. I have the funds to buy apartment buildings, I am simply trying to make sure I don't have too big of a blind spot when I show up to make my first deal.

Hi @Omer Zulfiqar ! Most of the books out there on Apartment investing have a ton of value to them. These are the books that I highly recommend and read myself ...

Apartment Syndication Made Easy - Vinney Chopra / Crushing it in apartments - Brian Murray / The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book - Joe Fairless / Financial Freedom w/real estate investing - Michael Blank / Emerging Real estate markets and Multifamily Millions - Dave Lindahl.

There are many others that I can name as well.

@Omer Zulfiqar I liked The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book-- it gives a great high level view of MF value-add investing while breaking down important concepts and actionable steps. All of the Fairless books are great... I'm now reading Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. If you have a lot of funds, you may also want to consider investing in MF passively as an "active" passive investor so you can learn in a more hands-on way beyond books (which are valuable in their own right, but mixing up your approach may reduce blindspots further).

@Omer Zulfiqar Here are some of my favorites

-The Perfect Investment by Paul Moore
-The ABC's of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy
-Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless (This is a very specific niche so this would only be if you're interested in Multifamily Syndication)
-Both Rod Khleif and Michael Blank have free E-books you can download (google it)