Best Low-Flow Toilets?

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Hi All, 

Wanted to get some suggestions on best Low-Flow Toilets for Apartment buildings in a C+ building. I've owned a 6-unit for about 6 months now, and the water/sewer bill is higher than expected. RUBS are illegal and individual meters is not feasible at this time. 

I'm wondering what people's best experiences with low flow are, reliability, durability, best brands, savings seen, and if I should avoid the extreme low gpf toilets for water savings (0.6-0.8 gpf). Looking to not reinvent the wheel on this one. 

Anything with a class 5 rating flush would be fine. All Kohler toilets are class 5. American standard also has good flushes. I believe they are also all class 5. I would stick with 1.6 GPF.

As for serviceability, I personally prefer kohler as a plumber. Most of the newer ones use the same exact flapper on their entire line up and it's easy to change. Its acutally a gasket. 

The glacier bay elongated low flow toilets at home depot are hands down the best. Consumer reports even has a report about how they're better than all the $300+ toilets. I have them on several units and no issues. Best toilets I've purchased. 

Don't forget to change all your faucet aerators and shower heads to low flow it makes a huge difference as well as far as water usage and saving HOT water. They're cheap to purchase/install too. 

@Michael Reilman

Can’t stand the things. I had several tenants complain that they are impossible to keep clean. I had no idea what they were talking about until I dared ask for more detail. Apparently the water level in the bowls alone are too low.... and so the poo sticks to the porcelain instead of hitting water, and doesn’t flush away. I’m not going to replace toilets for that, but when the time comes and they need to be replaced I will replace with old school toilets that can manage the crappy situation.

Kohler CIMMARON hands down is the best toilet.  Not only low-flow, the flushing mechanism reduces the likelihood of clogs.  The oldest one in my oldest property needed a small part after nearly 10 years.

I only buy the Aquasource Henshaw White Watersense Elongated Height 2-Piece Toilet from Lowe's (item number 98923 model # T802). They're $99, rated 4.5 stars and I've never had a problem with one. 

I've found that almost any brand of toilet out there now works fine. Several years ago when the low flow toilets came out, some just didn't work well at all. I think the engineering issues on them have been resolved.
I've used a number of different brands (lower price point) and haven't had issues with any of them.

@Michael Reilman

Kohler and American Standard both make great toilets, but Kohler toilets have unique parts that you can't replace at Home Depot or Lowe's. Generic replacement parts that fit American Standard can be found anywhere.

Don't buy the cheap $90 toilets. The internal parts are garbage. You will have to replace the guts of the toilet within 3 years.

I’m interested not only in low-flow toilets but how to use grey water in the toilet from the sink and shower. Would this just be a matter or working the plumbing out or do I need a specific type of toilet? I’ve seen this being done in only a couple of places over the years. And I’m wondering why more ppl don’t convert to this type of system. Anyone have any ideas?

@Michael Reilman

I installed the Aquasource Henshaw from Lowes in all 20 units I recently rehabbed and they've been great so far, and as an added bonus they're ADA height which is awesome for bad knees!

@Michael Reilman

I have installed tons of toilets. Except for the super cheap-o $70 from Home Depot, they all work good. My preferred toilet is the $96 Home Depot dual flush. Been using them about 3 years now, no issues. The single flush is good also. I’ve put them both in my own home, rentals, clients homes/rentals.

Unless you are going for a specific look, there’s no reason for an expensive toilet. My wife picked out an expensive Kohler for our master bath, Turns out she likes the Home Depot toilets better.

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