Out of state investment small multi property

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Looking for my first investment property, out-of-state. Looking to do a BRRRR on a multifamily home. Do you have any recommendations for up and coming areas in the U.S where I could potentially get a good ROI?

@Shahar Joseph

I am from south Florida and invest in the Cleveland OH area both MFR and SFR. Right now the SFR are actually more attractive for the BRRRR but there are some MFR's out there but conventional makes a but more sense. Thats my take on it at least

ROI's are pretty solid and there is (in my opinion) plenty of inventory.

But be ware of neighborhoods, East Cleveland is pretty rough for example.

When i first explored the market i saw all this incredibly cheap inventory which was in pretty good shape mostly but in parts where it would be a landlord/property management nightmare