What books do you rec for getting started in apartments?

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Hi BP community!

Purchased my first duplex this year and want to progress into larger mulitfamily in the future. What books helped you understand the nuances of this sector of real estate? Or podcast you recommend?

I have read Crushing it in apartments and commercial real estate by Brian Murray which helped simplify the process, but would love to hear other books/resources that helped you. Or general recommendations on this sector. New to real estate and open to hear others knowledge in the industry. 

Thank you! 


Maybe this is a different route, but I read Evicted by Matt Desmond.

While It changed my investment strategy, it also improved my understanding of the challenges tenant's go through.

Because of reading this, I've had better relationships with tenants, which helped a lot during the early covid days.

I would highly recommend The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks.  It seems to discuss all the major aspects related to investing in larger multi-family deals, and gives you a game plan on how to accomplish it!   

The E Myth. Delegating and building a team is so, so important. That book in particular is not specifically about real estate, but its lessons about entrepreneurship apply to any industry and any business looking to scale.

Raising Capital for Real Estate by Hunter Thompson is great for gaining an understanding of the nuances of capital raising.

In addition to the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book I also like Wheelbarrow Profits, and Syndicating is a B*tch for dives into the apartment world.

Multi Family Millions--David Lindahl
Wheelbarrow Profits - Gino and Jake
Crushing It -Brian Murray
Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book- Joe Fairless
Financial Freedom-Michael Blank
Raising Capital for Real Estate-Hunter Thompson
The Hands Off Investor- Brian Burke

You are starting right by making sure you have in depth knowledge. Those books will have some great advice starting off. To add to that I would continue listening to podcasts and try and attend some multi family networking events or seminars (now a days most online). It is good to try and define your criteria and niche early on as well (will you be focusing local, specific market, how many units, what asset class, A/B/C/Section 8 etc.)