Property Management in Cincinnati - Year 21

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All - I am investor from Columbus OH and I looked at few MF properties in CIN and planning to buy them. But I need a reliable PM for manage the MF. I read the old posts and did not see good info for PM in CIN. This is the reason I titled my post with year to see what is out there latest. The properties are near intersection of 8th and Elberon avenue;  and another one near Xavier University.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have multiple pros in CMH, so I have been dealing with PMs for long, I know them well but I also know I will have to depend on them 100% for out of city/state props.

@Adam lacey, I did contact Blue Vista. Hope to hear back from them.

@John Lenhart, do you have contacts for sundance or balanced, I am not getting through with either of them.

Does anyone know about Jim Shapiro. I am trying to connect but no luck. Got good references on BP.

@Sitaram Koppaka I have spoken with Jim. I have never worked with him so can't vouch for his PM, but can say that he seems like a really good guy and a straight shooter. He has been very helpful in making connections and answering questions. Good luck!