South Carolina RE connections wanted

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I would like to connect with brokers and wholesalers in South Carolina for investment properties - multifamily 10-50 units preferably, all long-term rentals. Specific markets are Myrtle Beach and the Greater Greenville area. Any connections or insights in property management would be appreciated as well. Ideally I'm looking for 6 to 8.5% cap rate, potential value add but not a requirement. Thanks in advance!

@Maryanne Cameron

I lived in Queens for about 10 years and went to Colgate University back in the day. So I am familiar Finger Lakes area, beautiful country.

Life long SF Peninsula resident who moved to Greenville SC six years ago and I have been busy investing here ever since - with a strong move into MF recently.

Let’s connect and take it from there.


@Arn Cenedella I didn't know you were a Raider!  Orangeman here haha small world.

@Maryanne Cameron welcome!  I spent 4 years in upstate, and I do NOT miss the lake effect snow :)  I live in Asheville, and also looking in the Greenville MSA market.  Highly recommend the online meetup this evening:

"Multifamily Monday - Networking and Educational Event, Hosted by Ivan Jenkins and Ben Jones" its on the first monday night of the month, 6p eastern. meetup dot com will have the details for registration and zoom links.

Hope to see you there!  If not, feel free to reach out later on.