Top 5 best multi family markets

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In your opinion what are your top 5 real estate markets to purchase multi family (2-4 unit) homes.

I really like





Kansas City, Mo

St. Louis

San Antonio(don’t like the property taxes) 

(There’s 7 of mine)

Let me know what your top markets are and if you’re investing in those areas

@Patrick Flanagan of course I am bias towards Kansas City but it really is a great market. Recession resistant to say the least as it relies on no single job sector to propel its growth. Mean, it will be around forever and the lows will be mild with still good upside on appreciation due to inflation etc...hope that helps!

Really depends on whether you're looking for appreciation (places like Phoeneix would be better) or cash flow (KC and St. Louis would be better). Although everything is really expensive these days.

I’m in Knoxville and I love it here, but I’m Not finding any deals in my price range that will cash flow well. I’ve expanded my search to an hour radius, but then the rent rates drop off. From what I’ve seen here lately, most houses are selling fast and above asking price. It’s compelling me to look further away. 
One tip I got from a local realtor is that nearby Oak Ridge, TN has better options for multi-family compared to their single family homes. It’s a technology hub with a national lab in the city and the public schools are good there. 

@Andrew Syrios

I’m looking for cash flow, do you invest in those areas. Midwest is no where near the prices in Oregon. I just got a deal on a 4 plex that was 750k, I’m cash flowing on it and it will appreciate pretty nicely

Syracuse and Kansas City are two markets that came up recently in a chat with a California based investor I met. He was looking at both markets, and had 2 properties under contract I believe in KC.

@Patrick Flanagan just wanted to make a generic comment here. Investing in real estate out of state should be throughly researched than just a projected cash flow. Hope people can google first “how to find a market for real estate” and go thru all the xyz variables before jumping on!

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