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Reaching out to the BP Community to hopefully hear from fellow Multifamily Investors on who they prefer to use for lending on their acquisitions? It's fine if you're a commercial lender and would also like to comment, but please provide references to previous deals that you funded and the terms. Our main goal is to find a nationwide lender that we can utilize for acquisitions, and potentially re-fi some of our current holdings.

We have been acquiring multifamily projects nationwide for the past 3 years, 8 (186 units) with 2 (52 units) in escrow. I totally understand that if you have someone great in your corner that provides amazing loans for acquisitions that you may not want to share, but if you do, please let me know via reply to this forum post or via direct message.

BTW - we have been utilizing mostly local banks (wherever the project is located) to do the majority of our previous acquisitions, but the local lenders are hit or miss, and tend to be slow to underwrite and perform. I'm sure that others have had similar experiences. We do provide personal guarantees for the loans and have significant assets and credit to back the purchases. Thank you in advance!

Thank you @Charles Seaman for the recommendation! I'll reach out to Rialto. Also, once we have funded a new acquisition with CMBS debt, I'll post details on this thread so that we can all utilize the best providers possible.

I have used a commercial Broker here in PDX and my debt is agency debt via Greystone Capital. Greystone is amazing to work with with great customer service. 

I work with a few people out of their Cincinnati office, but they have regional offices all over the country. I can private message you a name and you can start with him. Another company have used in the past is North Marq I will send you their information to

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Thank you @Mary M. - would you mind DM the contact info for your lender at Greystone?

My loan broker worked the loan  so you might contact McBride Capital in Portland.   

Hi Kristian, we work with local, regional, and national banks that finance MF deals nationwide. We are capable of sourcing you lower financing terms for acquisitions or refinancing. I've sent you a DM with more information.