In depth multifamily podcasts???

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I've been searching the podcast world for different multifamily podcasts for a little while. You wanna know what's interesting? 

It seems like some of the best episodes have been from the "smaller" podcasts... people that only know from my social media feed. Do you all have any recommendations for podcasts that get down into the nitty-gritty information?

Here’s a list of a few podcast that are primarily focused on or around multifamily.

-Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

-Multifamily Investor Nation

-Apartment Building Investing 

@Ethan Neumann . If you are interested in syndication try Whitney Sewell's The Daily Syndication show, or Michael Blank's. For more broad Multifamily, try Jake & Gino's or the Best Ever. @Brian Briscoe has a great one called Diary of an Apartment Investor.

@Ethan Neumann Here are few not mentioned I find pretty good for the Multifamily/Commercial space : "Cashflow Connections" with Hunter Thompson, "Free from Wall Street" with Steven Libman and "Prosperity through Multifamily Real Estate investing" with Cody & John.