Virtual Assistants for Large Multifamily

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Hi fellow investors!

Curious if those who have already hired virtual assistants for asset management could share their experiences. 

- What work do you have them do - what KPIs do they track on a weekly basis, what charts do they prepare?

- Do they do market surveys? 

- Where did you hire them? Upwork? Somewhere else? 

- What's the going rate? 

I currently organize the info myself but looking for help with data-entry like tasks at least. Curious what others are doing. Would appreciate your insights! 

Thank you very much, 


Hey! Been a while since we hung out at 10X

Not for asset management, but I do have some thoughts on improving at hiring overseas talent. I found my Executive Assistant through I took the course published by the owner of that website and totally changed my approach to hiring overseas employees. That perspective and strategy change helped me finally find an awesome candidate.

My EA does not do market surveys, but you could certainly find someone who can. I am certain my EA is intelligent and tech savvy enough to handle that task, but it is not her area of interest or skill set so that particular task would not be the best assignment.

Rates vary quite widely. I don't want to be too specific, but my EA earns more per hour than most overseas VAs. Ultimately this person should free you up to work on much higher $/hour tasks, so a couple dollars per hour difference in wages is not a big deal.

The biggest 3 mistakes I was making (and I think many others make) are:

1 Micromanaging

2 Expecting a rockstar

3 Not providing sufficiently detailed instructions

Hey @Julia Bykhovskaia , my VA helps with more of admin-type work. However, I just released an episode on using VAs. The big nugget from that interview was to treat them like a "real" employee and make sure they know how they contribute to the greater goals and feel like a valued member of the team. I'll send you a DM.

Originally posted by @Julia Bykhovskaia :

Thank you @Taylor L.! So she's hourly, not full time? I thought was full time mostly. Thank you for sharing!! Hope all is well :) 

 Onlinejobs has a mix of part time and full time people. A large percentage are looking for full time work. The important thing to remember, however, is the thing they're really looking for is consistent employment that pays on time and treats them well. When you show them you can provide that, the good ones tend to want to stay. So even if you aren't ready for a full timer, go for a part timer who you can keep on indefinitely! 

I agree with @John Casmon about helping VAs see how they contribute to the overall mission. Great point.