Looking for Simple House Design Software

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Does anyone know of software that will allow me (who has no artist or architectural skills) to draft a simple floor plan of a house I'm rehabbing? ALSO looking for that program to allow me to draw a diagram of the outside of the house. I want to start marketing a rehab I haven't started rehabbing yet so instead of pics of an unfinished house I want to show the diagram of the outside (like they do when marketing new construction that hasn't been started yet) and the floor plan. A plus would be the ability to design rooms like kitchens and bathrooms with the program. Thanks in advance!

Maybe @Karen Margave has a suggestion?

Thanks guys. @J Scott that app is so nice it makes me want to go out and get an ipad just to use it :). Does it allow me to draw a diagram of the outside of a house?

I was also trying to tag @Karen Margrave to this thread but couldn't do it on my droid. Karen any advice you could offer would be appreciated.


I usually use Visio to sketch out rooms or floor layouts. It's got built-in and add-in features that are specifically for house layouts (toilet, vanity, shower, kitchen cabinets, etc.). When designing kitchen layouts I usually break out the ruler and grid paper...but that's probably not going to work to put on marketing material!