Urban Land Institute: Any active members?

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Hi All,

I have been enjoying some of the content put out by the Urban Land Institute and am considering becoming a member. I have an architecture background with a masters in sustainable design and would like to get involved with larger scale development projects. Is any one here a member of ULI and willing to share some of your thoughts?

I am a believer in being actively engaged with any memberships (unlike the gym where you pay the fee and never go...), so it's not so much about the money as it is about fit and value.

Thanks so much.

I have attended a few local meetings.  The meetings are pretty stuffy and I didn't get much out of them.  I guess they're good networking if you're looking for a job or some such, but I didn't find them very helpful for small scale investors.  There are some large developers at the meeting if you're trying to get into bigger projects.  

I agree with Bryan on this one.  I am a member of ULI but mainly only as it applies to my "real job".  If you are looking to get into large scale development it is probably worth doing but for smaller stuff not so much.

Hi Peter, 

I am an active member of ULI.  It is a great resource for meeting and connecting with others in the real estate industry.  There are a lot of developers, commercial brokers, and lenders involved so it might be nice to meet some people in those industries who could be involved in larger scale projects.  I have been active in both the San Francisco and Phoenix ULI chapters.  They have different dynamics, but great panel discussions, meetups, and under development project tours.

Hope that helps!


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