Investing in Vail, Colorado

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I stopped in Vail, Colorado on my way to Utah. It's an incredible place. Someone on the bus was talking about real estate investing and I wondered what the market is like in Vail. Does anyone have experience there or know about its development? 

@Bryce Young


 Unfortunately, It's very expensive and unless you have the capital and ability to take lower rates of return, It's a difficult place to get started investing. However, if you have a strategic approach for VRBO properties it might be a good opportunity to get going. Cheers!


@Bryce Young all it takes is money. Vail is probably #2 in terms of price and notoriety after Aspen. Lots of people that buy there do so to have a property in that location. It makes the real estate really expensive for the rest of us. Most people there don't need cashflow and many properties are vacant except for a few weeks a year. The worker bees live down valley and commute long distances every day. If you are patient it does see ups and downs periodically but at those times the rest of the country is hurting so bad that few have the ability to pull the trigger. Most owners are well insulated from the ups and downs of the economy.

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