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Hello All my my fellow BP'ers . I've been involved in Real estate for 10 years now. And as I continue to grow the more I realized how much I don't know. Fortunately, I've done a lot of self development and I continue to do so. I am amazed on how far along I have come. My advice is to continue to educate your self and surround your self with good people.  Here is a house I picked up for 105k, knocked down original house and sold for 515k. I dont want to get into cost & profit.  This took place in Charlotte,NC. I just want to encourage others and uplift. Please find before and after pictures below. 

Thanks for continuing to inspire us! Awesome job on your development project!

Nice work.. I think a lot of folks are realizing it maybe easier just to build new than try to do major rehabs. and I sure like the modern look.. although in 20 years maybe people will wonder what we were thinking .. I have 3 moderns going I Charleston and they are HOT.

we started doing moderns ( that style in Portland about 5 to 7 years ago) still sell well.

like the shower you did there too..

515 is a big price congrats I bet that created a nice payday for you. !!!!

WOW!! Great job.  Were you the first in the neighborhood with modern style?  I'm sure you bumped up the comps in the area, the neighbors are probably loving you. I love that shower, and the bathtub faucet.  

@Nasar Elarabi congrats on your first build. I bet you learned A LOT! Interesting decision to not case the windows. Was that ascetic or financial. 

@Jay Hinrichs I'm building a super modern downtown...It's on! Swing by next time you're in town. 

Originally posted by @Jeffrey Stasz :

@Nasar Elarabi congrats on your first build. I bet you learned A LOT! Interesting decision to not case the windows. Was that ascetic or financial. 

@Jay Hinrichs I'm building a super modern downtown...It's on! Swing by next time you're in town. 

 Jeffrey I will be in Charleston the week of the 11th all week lets get together.

I made a post in the Charleston topic  and announced I would be there .. no one answered me other than Tony Gandee and I already know Tony..

Love to see your projects and show what we have going  please send me an e mail so we can sinc up.. !!

Nasar sorry to hijac your thread here.. but we are all building the same type product so its kind of germane.

@Jeffrey Stasz thanks, this is not my 1st..  lol the windows were basically the coolest option. 

Nice work. Pretty much all of my clients have jumped to new builds, with the high cost of land here in Denver flips that have good margins are hard to come by. I have been doing primarily new 3 story duplexes for the last 2 years. 

Nice work.  I am not familiar with the area.  Is that the style of house that people like around there?

@Jonathan Harris thanks that sounds good. DO you have pics on here of your duplexes? @Ian Walsh thanks, I cant say every one likes this style of house. I can say this style of houses & my friends modern style houses are selling before they hit the market. So I say there is definitely a group of people out in every market willing to pay big bucks for these.

@Nasar Elarabi

House looks great and wise words to live by in your post.  This work can be a grind, and positive attitude and the right people are the difference in my opinion.  We just finished our first new construction project in Asheville after being in a small local market about an hour away for the last 3 years and it has been a learning experience for sure, but we have made some great contacts and ended up with some dirt under contract from just meeting people around our build.  

@Kyle H. Yeah its definitely a learning experience for sure. @tiffany chandler thanks alot

@Nasar Elarabi do you focus on your builds fulltime? Do you think this is something that can be done on the side while still working a W-2? Just curious, but what is your average cost per sqft on a build like this? Also, do you have a single builder you work with or are you the builder and you contract everything out individually (i.e. electric, plumbing, faming, etc)?

@Larry Hawkins NO I do about 3-4 RE niches. Mainly focusing on wholesaling.  I think you can do this while still working a w-2 if you get the RIGHT GC who can do a turn key model. Key word RIGHT so if I were looking for the right GC. I would find one who already built the house I want or built a few houses. You pick a house from his collection and he could tell you how much a sq he can build for you. MY GC does everything I do not deal with subs. I dont want to get into my cost on builds on this public forum. Thanks

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@Nasar Elarabi , I do have pictures on my website. Apparently I can't post a link because it's considered self promotion. 

Wow this turned out awesome, I personally am a big fan of modern styling. What made you decide to go with this particular style?

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