question from a new investor :)

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hello everyone. I am relatively new to real estate investing. I have a question hoping someone could help. does it make sense to buy a new construction property to rent out? I have always been hesitant on buying old properties although they tend to cash flow much better. thank you in advance!

@Qamar Cherqaoui it depends on your goals, strategy and criteria. It is very difficult to say if it makes sense without any context. Does the price-to-rent ratio meet your criteria? What is the neighborhood the property is in? Is there equity or a tenant already in place?

I would say it depends on your situation. If you are looking for a place to invest disposable income and get a moderate return higher than that of the stock market the answer is probably yes. However, when investing in new construction you will lose return at the expense of the profit the builder must take. Now if you find a builder willing to go partners and build at cost with you financing the deal this could be mutually beneficial and greatly increase your returns. Sometimes better to own half of a great deal than all of an average deal.

Much appreciated guys. My first rental was a new construction and for what I paid, I feel I could have done better. @ Zachary yes this is a buy and hold, long term play and yes, the returns are much better than the stock market. Thx again