DFW Duplex Construction

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I was researching what it might cost to build a duplex or tri on a vacant lot I have a lead on. During this process I did not see many builders on line that appear to specialize in duplexes or tris. Most multifamily specialist seem to focus on apartments.  Is anyone familiar with any reputable firms in the area or have a grasp of cost/sq ft for this type of project? 

Steve, I’ve been quoted $120,000, to build a duplex on my property in a small town in East Texas. With you being in the Metroplex I’m imagine cost to build could be cheaper with the amount of competition there. I have family that has built houses in Houston and A tiny town(population 2,500), and the small town house cost much more to build then the houses the same size in Houston. I’d be intrested in what cost to build in the metroplex would be myself.