Vacant Double Lot - Now What??

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some thoughts on a potential deal I recently came across.

This would be an off-market purchase of a double lot (99' x 140'), and it's Zoned R2. As we begin to put together build costs, I will let the numbers dictate the end goal, but I'm curious which option you would lean towards...

It is in a good area of town that has a nice mix of rentals to owner occupied SFR. There is a mix of duplexes in the area, but not many new ones. It is definitely a forgotten little gem of a lot.

1. Build a Duplex and keep as a rental.

2. Build a Duplex, fill with tenants and sell as a turn-key property to an investor.

3. Build two townhomes and sell individually.

Again, we just came across the deal this week and will be collecting some numbers next week to begin doing a more detailed analysis, I'm just curious where you would lean.... 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! And thanks for the input in advance.

@Zach Harsin   You stated its a double lot, which to me means that the lot could be split into two different properties.  If that is the case, that would be my first coarse of action. Once split, confirm that the zoning is remains R2 (some cities have minimum lot sizes).  Assuming you now have two R2 lots, build two duplexes, each on its separate lot.  A 50x140' lot would be easy to put a duplex house on (in my area, we do it on 30'x120' lots).

As for what to do with it, I am a build an hold investor, so I say keep it.  

If you set on selling it, you market will dictate what you should do.  If you have a strong owner occupant pool for the area, it might be best to sell it vacant.  If you tenant are just placed into a new house with long term leases (12months) then an owner occupant will not be interested as they will need to move in at or soon after closing. 

@Mike Wood sorry for he long delay here. I was out on vacation last week. I really wish this was an option because this would obviously be our largest ROI, undfortunately, the lot is a corner lot that and has a 25 ft setback off the Main Street it parallels, then with duplexes we have to have a 10 ft setback on the opposite side of the lot between the houses. (SF is only 5 ft). So our lot(s) get too narrow quick with these setbacks which is why even though it’s a double lot, we will have to go with a single duplex. Wish your idea worked :).