How to invest in constructions?

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Hi guys,

Quick question, how is it possible for an individual investor to invest in new constructions? by that, I don't mean buying a recently built house to rent it, but instead investing in the project itself alongside the builder and make a return when the house is done and first sold to someone else?

Are there financial funds, or companies that play the middle man / investing vehicule ? Of even maybe through crowd funding?


Yes, this is a very possible situation. Although the investors I've worked with had access to cash and didn't need the 'middle man'.  Therefore, I have no feedback on that part of the equation. 

What we did is supply all the information regarding the purchase and feasibility of the project, build budget, legal fees, etc. We were the builder/general contractor for the project with weekly payouts for construction and salary. At the completion of the project a portion of the sales profit was paid to the builder as well as to the investor.