1.1 Acre land zoned apartments what can I do on it

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I am in Columbus Ohio, i have been in the rental property for about 15 years, never build always acquired single families or multi families units property to operate

I am looking into buying a lot that currently has a house with basement 

I need to know how many 2 bedrooms apartment with 1.5 bathrooms i can build on this land and what type of total investment I should expect.

This would be the average economy (not cheap) finish

I am looking for suggestions, i have not done my zoning due diligence or any architecture digging yet, it's just a thought at this point 

Thank you

Look up the zoning designation.  The zone will tell you what residential uses are permitted on the property.  You should quickly see a minimum lot size for types of housing which gives you a starting point.

@Amgad Fahmy

Take a trip down to your county/city zoning department. You need to ask someone what the FAR ( floor area ratio) is for the zoning of your land.

The FAR is simply the total floor area of a building in relation to the size of the land it sits on.

Once you find out the FAR, you can calculate a rough estimate of the number of units you can fit on the property.

Ex. Say the FAR is 30%.

This would mean you have roughly 14,400sqft of building space for a 1.1 acre lot.

If you decided to make each unit 1,000sqft, you could get a total of 14 units.

This is a quick way to get a rough estimate of the number of units to start projecting rough budget estimates etc.

Use a local architect to firm up the numbers and go from there.

Hope this helps.