Calculator for demo of house and new rebuild on an acre lot?

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I'm trying to do my homework and see what the costs are to tear down an existing home in Jerome Idaho but also figuring out how much it's going to be to be rebuilt with three other houses on this particular slots on an almost acre of land and if there's somebody out there that is able to do it for around a hundred bucks a square foot for 1500 square foot 3-bedroom 2-bath house times 3 for 3 parcels on one lot that I personally believe they will be reappraised for 150 a square foot. so where is the calculator to analyze how much those costs are for the demolition of the current house where the cost is and who to talk to for building new within this area also the appraiser who I can get a confirmation on the after repair value sort of speak like where is the new construction build calculator.

Theres to many variables to say for sure what it would cost just on the lot. Is the lot even subdividable? Are there already three sewers and water services? What about electric services? Those few things can cost a boat load if there's no utilities on the lot for each house. Site work, permits, architect fees etc. Are all things that would cost a significant amount of work before any work is even started. $100sq' is unrealistically cheap in most markets to build new.

id first talk to an architect to see if it is even reasonable to do. They would have a better idea then people online about costs. 

@George W.

I appreciate the info and as I have talked to the city of Jerome the lot is subdividable and it does have enough space for 3 parcels on this almost full acre lot and I've talked to a couple of contractors one in particular that had told me they can do a home for 120 a square foot but he is all packed with his projects right now and would not want to do it. It would all connect to City water and sewer for all three units they would be brand new and preferably 1500 square foot for 3 bedroom 2 bath of course the house that is currently on the lot will have to be taken down first and if the foundation is able to be used and that's already half the battle right there or part of it.

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