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I want to start… but how?

Posted Jul 30 2022, 10:53

As someone who has just turned to 19, I have always wondered how people get rich out of properties. At first, I decided to become a doctor just because of the incentive of wealth and got accepted from many prestigious universities of Canada for Biological Chemistry.

However, I knew myself very well that I never would allow myself to work under someone else; therefore, I decided to create both my own financial stability and independence by focusing on something more real and catchy for me. I believe in myself and I know that I am going to succeed in the long-term, because of this, please do not try to fade my motivation by your ideas regardless of your expertise in this field. 

What I do want to learn is the best way to start to this long journey. I mean… what type of property should I choose as my first house (please consider the fact that I am in Canada)? How can I calculate the cash-flow and obtain a high one without the process of BRRRR? Can I agree with an agent to take care of the building (taxes, repairs, etc.) while still obtaining a good amount of cash-flow on the other hand? Should I go for an under 500k house to avoid high down-payment for my first building? How should I analyze a house (in a good condition) that costs 999k dollar in Toronto? Or should I invest in another province?

I am obsolutely sorry for these disturbing questions, but it would really help me if you may help me with these issues. I am looking forward to hear from you. 

Best Regards,


Toronto, Ontario

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