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AJ Satcher
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How Many Inspections is Enough?

AJ Satcher
Posted Jun 5 2023, 11:22

Hello all,

I'm in the process of closing a deal, so far I've had 2 inspections.

First inspection - Necessary. Items were brought up by inspector, no questions about getting this one.

Second Inspection: To address some of the major concerns from the initial inspection. Only around half of the agreed upon items were completed.

Third Inspection????: Trying to decide if it's still worth getting this one. This would be to address the items that were not taken care of in the second inspection.

Major items include:

- Insufficient attic insulation

- Back deck work (flashing, damaged joists)

- Plumbing leaks in a bathroom

- AFCI braker switch not working


At this point they've proven to me that they are not interested in doing what's agreed upon. Do I pay for yet ANOTHER inspection to protect myself or is this a waste?

Thanks BP community!

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