Famous Four!!

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Deep inside you wished that @Joshua Dorkin and @Brandon Turner would call you to be a guest in their podcast. But alas, they have a guest list is filled up for the next three years and the only real estate you own is Boardwalk in Monopoly, ha!

Okay, here is your turn to share your answer on the Famous Four questions. Maybe I will tally up the answers after a little while.

  • What is your favorite real estate book ?
  • What is your favorite business book ?
  • What do you think sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who come and disappear?
  • What's your hobby ?

Wow @Ezra Nugroho  I can't believe no one has responded to this. I just assumed there would be a long forum about it.  Let me be the first...

My favorite real estate book - The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

favorite business book - The Practical Dreamer's Handbook, definitely not a traditional business book but I re-read it every year and find new inspiration.

What sets apart the successful? - action (which I think stems from considering the positive "what if's" over the negative "what if's")

What do I do for fun - I sing and I write (music and fiction), my 'why' in real estate is to have enough free time to really focus on being creative.

C'mon peeps, add your own answers!

(keyword bump: Denver, Indianapolis, Detroit, rehab)

OK, I'll jump in here.

Like @Micki M.  , my favorite real estate book is Gary Kellers Millionaire Real Estate Investor. This is must reading for anyone starting out and teaches you to think strategically. 

Favorite business book is the oldie but goodie Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

I think what sets the successful investors apart is the ability to clearly define their objectives and diligently execute their strategy. A lot of people back in to real estate without a clear goal and plan. Being able to stick to it is key.

Nothing clears my head and brings me peace more than being out on the ocean sailing.

Nice post! There are too many books to mention, but I always refer to these 2..

  • What is your favorite real estate book?....Investing in Fixer-Uppers..Jay P DeCima 
  • What is your favorite business book?...The Fred Factor
  • What do you think sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who come and disappear?...Perseverance ..
  • What's your hobby ? Reading, Tennis, Running, Traveling

@Mike D'Arrigo  oh sailing, lucky you! Someday I'll leave this landlocked state.

Yep, I need to be by the ocean! Just wish CA real estate would cash flow.

@Mike D'Arrigo  ..no sailing to date, but enjoyed Paddle boarding down in San Clemente back in the summer..so relaxing!! 

Thank you guys for resurrecting this thread. It probably had to do with the timing when I posted it, it was quite late in the night, and I didn't feel like bumping up my own thread. Let see if this picks up now!

@Mike D'Arrigo I guess I saw you at the last San Jose meet up, but we didn't get to talk too much. 

Anyway my own answers;

1. Fave RE book: 

From Janitor to Multi-Millionaire by Mike Weese. Reads like an adventure book, and has a great chapter on taxes. http://www.amazon.com/From-Janitor-Multi-Millionai...

2. Fave Business book: The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley PhD. Talks about the lifestyle of unassuming rich people contrasting with typical big-hat-no-cattle poor people. Honestly, the first time I saw @J Martin @Minh Le  @Johnson H.  etc at my first local BP meet up, I thought how they fit the millionaire next door profile.

3. What sets apart successful vs. unsuccessful investors: I'd probably say perseverance as well. I've been only investing for one year and it hasn't always been a smooth sailing. I gotta keep reminding myself that this is a long term thing, or else I'd quit and fall into the unsuccessful category.

4. Fun stuff: Badminton!

You're too kind @Ezra Nugroho! I'm not where I want to be yet but I think by saving my pennies, constantly reading, finding the right strategy for myself, and buying great pieces of real estate will help me get to where I want to be. I think you will do great as well with your approach.

  • What is your favorite real estate book ? Rich Dad (because it got me started)
  • What is your favorite business book ? Think and Grow Rich
  • What do you think sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who come and disappear? Thick skin, knowledge & decisions!! Suck it up buttercup and move on...
  • What's your hobby? I love to fish!!

If you were on the podcast how would you answer the “Famous Four?” Here’s mine

  1. Favorite R.E. book? Just as Rich Dad is not “per se” is not a R.E. book but a frame of mind book I like “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz
  2. Favorite Business book? Ok so you’re going to notice a theme here“The greatest salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, heck anything by Og Mandino. I dig motivational reading J
  3. What sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who never make it? The ability to do the things that make you uncomfortable. Learn to do the things that other people don’t (or won’t) do.
  4. Hobbies? Who cares? We are only interested in how you can help us. But since you asked…… J People don’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care and it is obvious from your question that you care. J So how much time do we have left?

  • What is your favorite real estate book ? None.  Ive not read one I actually liked
  • What is your favorite business book ? One Up On Wall Street & Beating the Street by Peter Lynch
  • What do you think sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who come and disappear? Action. Follow through. Most of what we as investors are doing isnt brain surgery. It is simply about creating a plan and following through.
  • What's your hobby ? Motorcycles and travel

1. Favorite Real Estate Book: Tie between Hold, and Millionaire Real Estate Investor, both from Gary Keller. Hold got me started and the rest of the Keller books have kept me going. I have no affiliation with KW other than as a client (yet).

2. Favorite business book: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I haven't really enjoyed any others.

3. What do you think sets apart successful real estate investors from those that don't succeed or never even start?: Fear and ignorance. I don't work in the industry full time. I'm Active Military, and the majority of my peers believe real estate is bought to be lived in, risky to invest in, and think I'm nuts, along with one or two of my peers who also invest. They simply don't know about it, and are afraid of the perceived risk. 

4. What do I do for fun? I am a competitive target shooter and handgun safety instructor. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, offroading (and working on the Jeep as a result of the offroading) and we have our first child on the way.

REal Estate book.... never read one that I could get past the second chapter

business book  Think and Grow Rich my dad had me read that in the middle 70's and it stuck

For real estate success I think a huge part for me was being a Real Estate agent and broker being immersed in it so that I had business experience every single day.. plus it was pre internet by a long shot.. So its different today with internet and sights like BP.  Learning how to close a deal is the absolute most critical thing I learned early on and how to ask for the business.. So many can't ask for the order and people just walk and tell you they will think about and get back to you .. you know the be back... LOL

Fun;  Private Aviation  fly fishing.. Golf    Travel.... Used to snow ski a bunch like to get back to that.

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