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Hello again. Brand new investor. I keep getting caught up in these "webinars" which most have really good information, but they ALL have holes. They all have a sob story and they all make you pay for their "secret". How do you make Real Estate work. Actually work. All these gurus and mentors made it work.

HOW do you exactly make it progress. I have so many questions and i will ask 3 of them.

How do you setup direct mail and get lists?

How do you get contracts? Im not paying a lawyer $1000 for a contract. I thought it was no/low money down.

Do you have to visit the seller in person each time? 

I just want a mentor, who: stay with me now: can honestly help someone for free or give them EXACTLY step by step.

I need step by step learning. Thats how i do it and ive gone out and actually made calls and found sellers but I just end up at the beginning.

HOW DO YOU MAKE IT WORK!? My family has been finacially perfect and recently...I need to make myself some REAL money. I need help guys/gals. Im desperate.

@Grant Mone

You are right about a lot of the "gurus" out there. However, there is a lot of information that could help here on BP. The podcasts alone are gold mines!

Setting up a direct mail campaign sounds daunting, but it is not too difficult in reality. There is a podcast that talks about direct mail in an interview with @Michael Quarles. Pretty sure he knows EVERYTHING about direct mail marketing. Here's the link to the podcast I was referring to:

I know I couldn't answer all your questions, but I hope I have helped even if just a little. Good luck!

Im looking for a mentor that wont make me spend $1000 that I cannot afford that can teach me and help me step by step basically. I'm about to give up. I have no plan, I dont know what im doing and nobody seems to want to help you unless you open your wallet which is absolutely ridiculous. Ive talked to countless mentors, watched countless webinars and I still have no clue. Im just starting to think Real Estate is a joke. Honestly. Im not ranting im just fed up. Im incredibly fed up. I get mad when i hear "Real Estate". This is not what I thought my journey would entail.

@Grant Mone  No offense, but you sound like you are all over the place so a mentor probably couldn't help much yet.  Start reading some of the blogs here under the Education tab to figure out what you want to learn and what you need help learning when you are further along. 


I don't mean to be rude, but why on Earth would any successful mentor help you for nothing? You mean to tell me you want a very successful real estate investor to give you exact step-by-step instructions on how to be successful in an extremely competitive, multi-faceted field, and you don't don't want to pay for his or her time?

If you've talked to countless mentors, watched countless webinars, and still have "no clue" and "no plan," what do you think you're missing here?

Your initial post referenced wanting to find a contract, but not pay a lawyer. Google "blank purchase/sale agreement" or "sample purchase/sale agreement." You'll get dozens of results.

No one is going to hold your hand and give you step by step instructions of every aspect of every way to make money in real estate.  

Hello @Grant Mone . I haven't been investing for to long but one thing I have notice/herd is no mentor is going to hold your hand and do the deals for you. If you want help you need to help your self first by getting educated on what you want to do. Read the forums, read books, listen to the podcast. Just like you wouldn't go to work for free you can't expect a mentor to work for free. Not saying that you have to pay them $1000's, but what are you bring to the table for them? Could be anything they might need help with tell them what you can offer them in turn for helping you. Just a thought. I wish you the best.

Go to top right-hand corner search tool and type in "mentee", press enter and read legitimate experiences you could mimic. Then do the same with "bird dog". If, as you suggest you've "actually made calls and found sellers" you may be quick to find a mentor.

Next type in "direct mail", press enter and become inundated.

Gurus? The regular Tom, Dick, and Harrys and the everyday Sally, Mary, and Susies I find here at BP who do not offer training of any sort are constantly handing out lessons that I feel absolutely blessed to receive.  Just click on "Newest Forum Posts" and try to keep up --- as I do.

@Grant Mone Make sure you follow up with updates because lots of us will want to hear about your inevitable progress forward.

If you can't find a live person out there to help, there are many books on the subject that describe step-by-step what you need to do to wholesale a house, flip one, write a contract as a landlord, etc...

You just need to be determined in your research. I search BP quite frequently for new strategies and plenty of posts on BP often detail step by step ways to perform whatever REI topic you're looking for.

Take more time to search and write yourself a list step-by-step on each topic, if that's the best way you learn. The info is out there and once you've accumulated/learned enough of it, THEN you will feel confident enough to put your plan into action and progress forward. You'll know HOW right away...

Thanks for the feedback guys/gals. I guess I expect too much from people when everyone is powered by a deadly sin (greed). Its actually quite sad. Ill stick to what I know: Computers and guns.

What the____!???!

How do you go from "finding sellers" to....quitting? So, you've found the best source of RE info on the planet.....AND allegedly you can find sellers.... but you're quitting. 

What the ____???

So I am not a low or no money down guy.  I have been involved in real estate for only a short time, but I am showing pretty significant success at this point.  By trying to be as much value to others as possible I have built a business in which I am now partnering with others and doing deals almost entirely with their money.  I run the projects they pay.  However, none of this would have happened if all I did was run around a whine that no one was doing it for me.  The things you are asking for are expensive and hard fought for.  To expect someone to give you it for free might come off as a little insulting to some.  I would suggest if you want to be a wholesaler, that you contact local wholesalers and see what you can do to help them.

Forever ago, I sold cars.  I was the new guy and didn't know anything.  The big dog was Roy.  He didn't like anyone, especially me.  But he sold 2-3 times as many cars as anyone else.  I selected the desk next to his, every morning I picked up an extra coffee and the daily news for him.  I would run his contracts to the finance office, go get his prepped cars, and pretty much anything else.  What I got was the opportunity to see a real salesman in action.  Now I never beat Roy, but I was number 2 in the dealership in 2 months.  I took a little crap at the beginning, but 2 months later I was able to write my own ticket and after I left that dealership I was always number one or two everywhere I worked.

So go be of service.  Offer to take photographs, you said your a computer guy,  Offer to make the listings for the wholesaler for free.  There are a dozen ways someone could come into my business and spend time with me and learn for free, as long as they also provided me value.  Otherwise you are just being a parasite.

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