Asking to much of my PM?

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My property manager is extremely reluctant or just has no urgency when it comes to larger repairs/ maintenance. 1 example: My properties sewer has tree root intrusion and I asked them to get a quote 2 weeks ago, and have followed up twice and got a we're working on it response. Originally I planned to do a lot of work utilizing there connections and hoped they would help partially manage the work. Is this to much to ask? Thanks BP

I think that you're expecting them to do their job? Maybe I am misunderstanding, but if my boss asked me to do that I would get it done and I am a product returns analyst not a property manager. 

Time to have a heart to heart conversation with the property manager over your expectations and their failure to meet them.  You may ask EXACTLY what they have done and make your judgement from their response.  If you are unsatisfied with their response, it is time to look for another firm.  Then, you should call 3 plumbers immediately to get estimates and get the ball rolling.  A sewer backup could be very costly (and quite nasty), so you should protect your property/investment by taking action.

If the expectation is to resolve the sewer backup, it is an emergency call as no tenant can use toilets and kitchen the rotor rooter treatment should be an overnight thing.   But if you want the sewer pipes rebuilt then you may have to wait a longer time. 

My impression is you were asking for quote bids and shop for a better vendor, that is another story.  Most PM need to manage close to 100 units to make a decent living. They will naturally tell you big jobs are time consuming.


Just have an open and honest conversation with your PM. They may not be large enough to handle large repairs, or even have the resources of people to call for this type of work.

Would you also ask a PM to get you quotes for re-roofing? Seems to me getting a quote for major sewer work would be similar. We just had a sewer line replaced because it collapsed. It had root intrusion too. Quotes were $5,000-$7,000. Also required permits.

Did you have the sewer line video scoped to see what you're really looking at?  If you're talking about just clearing a line with a mechanical roto-rootor or with a water power blast, that might be a quote and a project the PM could handle. But if you are in need of anything more than that, then it may be beyond their scope of services.

I agree with @Kim Meredith Hampton . You need to clarify the agreement you have with your PM, their expertise, scope of work, timelines for response, and resources.

Thanks for all the great input, I did have a video, it's not an emergency but I have had it snake and was told that was a very temporary fix. I am not asking for multiple quotes just 1 from the plumber they have been using. It is a major job, the pipe runs under the concrete driveway. @Marcia Maynard is a new roof two much to ask? All the PM would have to do is get the bid, coordinate with the tenants and pay the company correct? That's all I would expect.

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