Who was your most inspirational BP Podcast guest?

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Hello BP Nation!  I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my last year of Real Estate investing and have come to the conclusion that a huge inspiration for me was the BP Podcast.  Now I am in no way saying that the forums and the research and each and every comment and interaction that I have had on BP wasn't a huge inspiration and motivation to me.  But something that really stuck out to me and kept me motivated was listening to almost all of the BP Podcast (well, I have to be honest, I think I made it to approximately BP 220 due to my time on my 1st Rehab).  I remember listening to @Jered Sturm BP podcast 124: Building a RE Empire at a young age.  He truly is a very mature and intelligent young man, and extremely inspirational.  Additionally, another very energetic, young and contagious personality that truly provided GR8 motivation to me was Christopher Gill.  BP podcast 204: Flipping 30+ Deals by the age of 25.  He also has an awesome YouTube channel.  Jered Sturm also conveniently followed Chris in BP podcast 205: Snowballing from single family houses to Apartment complexes.  If anybody out there hasn't listened to these Podcast I highly recommend them both, but then again, I recommend listening to any and all of the BP podcast (but these are MY INSPIRATIONAL choices).  Just want to send a quick shout out to both Chris and Jered for having a hand in keeping me motivated to follow through with my REI career up and till this point!  Thanks guys!  So with that said, what is your most inspirational BP Podcast guest and why. Thanks BP Nation and here is to wishing you all GR8 success in your 2018 REI ventures!

Grant Cardone's first podcast.  Killer.

@Yong Park , yeah, he definitely is extremely entertaining and what is that one word, uhhh oh yea, unfiltered! That is what I like about him he is who he is. Have you had the chance to listen to his new one, I think 250(?). I haven't yet but need to. Well, Yong, thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts on the matter. Hope you have an Extremely productive year in your REI bus!

David Allen, GTD.  No contest. I thought I was listening in for Real Estate advice, and it changed my whole approach to pursuing life goals. If you haven't listened to it, I highly recommend it. BP Podcast # 117.

Grant Cardone. Such a polarizing guy. Being an apartment guy I don’t agree with some of the technical stuff but love the quote.

“I don’t real books... I just analyze a whole lot of properties”

Chad Carson podcast #84.  I'm convinced that he is going to write a best selling book some day.

@Aaron Lawson , Getting things done, who couldn't say that was a GR8 informative podcast. It is amazing how each and everyone of us see and hear and apply things to our lives in different ways! Thanks for stopping in to share your thoughts. Here is to wish you well in your 2018 REI ventures!

@Lane Kawaoka , you bring up a good point.  Just because somebody says or does a certain thing doesn't mean we have to agree or like it but there is always value to be had in everything if you desire to see, hear or find it!

He had a lot of GR8 quote's in the Podcast but I really liked his "“Every time I get money, I go broke again because I shove it into this real estate thing.”

Like I said to our colleague above,Yong, he certainly is comfortable with who he is and in today's crazy world it appears we need more folks like that. Thanks Lane for sharing your thoughts. Best of luck to you in your 2018 REI ventures!

@Mike Dymski , Chad certainly has a lot of wisdom to pass on not only in his Podcast but I also truly enjoy his Blog post. There were a lot of nuggets in his #84 I liked his his elevator pitch! I also really enjoyed his quote, "The minute you break people's trust is the moment you lose everything!" cause when you think about we all need people in our lives and without them what do we have!? Thanks for stopping in Mike appreciate your thoughts! Here is to wishing you GR8 success in your 2018 REI ventures to come!

@Tony Wooldridge by far Grant Cardone has been the most inspirational guest and biggest name they have had on. Episodes 108 and 250. Two concepts everyone needs to succeed, which is you need to hustle and 10X your goals. Grant probably owns more units than any guest ever on the podcast. He is controversial, but his excitement is infectious. 

@Tony Wooldridge Thank you for the kind words on the episodes I was a guest on. I am glad I was able to do some good by sharing my story.

@Michael C. Trippi , I liked Chris's BP podcast (#197) his show was in my top 5 in inspirational. Highly recommended podcast. It sounds as if he has since grown in his business and offer's what sounds like a turn-key opportunity for folks looking to get into 2 % rule deals. Good recommendation Michael do appreciate you stopping by with your input! Hope you have a GR8 year in your REI ventures!

@Joe Splitrock , WOW, Mr. Cardone has been quite the frequent name in this forum.  He once again is most certainly a infectious as well as commanding personality.  I guess I better get to listening to his newest (#250) podcast, sounds as if I am missing out! Thanks for stopping in Joe.  Hope you have a GR8 year investing!

@Jered Sturm , no Jered, thank you for unknowingly helping to impact me in my REI career thus far. I have absolutely no doubt that there are many many more out there than just me that you have help to motivate through leading by example. I absolutely love your story and the level of work and dedication and sacrifice that you endured to get you to your current place in RE. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and once again playing a role personally in my success thus far, I am very appreciative! Here is to wishing you nothing but continued success in your REI and otherwise ventures!

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