I'm a local realtor in the Phoenix, Arizona area and I'm looking for wholesalers that are interested in creating a business relationship with me. I believe in order to be successful we all need to work together, and relationship building is very important. 

As a realtor there is a lot I can provide to wholesalers regarding information gathering. By providing you with potential wholesale leads via expired listings, cancelled listings, out of state owners, etc..., I ask that you recycle back to me any prospects that cannot be converted into wholesale deals for you. So, these would be people that end up being interested in selling their property but for a price too high for your model. In turn you would suggest to them that they reach out to me as a realtor and list on MLS.

Also, I work on a fix and flip team, so adding wholesalers to our list is always something we are looking to do in order to find great investment opportunities for ourselves. 

So, if you're interested, please reach out and let's work together!