Hello BP Family. So I am looking into buying some land to build chicken houses on. The land is great, the numbers are working, I'm in a family of farmers so we understand all we need to know to know that this land is great for the purpose of poultry. One issue, the whole thing could fall apart if there's no water on the land. Currently there's no wells dug there. We know the seller of the land and have for a while. 

Here's my question: Can I have a stipulation that I will buy the land if there is more than X gallons per minute when a well is dug? We will pay for the well, of course. 

I'm really trying to think of a way that I can walk away from the purchase of the land if there's not enough water. It would really suck to be stuck with the land if I can't use it for the purpose of farming. 

Thanks BP! -Dakoda