My question is two fold:

The first part of this is that I have a long time friend who is a general contractor. We have discussed him running the rehab portion of investments in exchange for an equity share. Is there an industry standard for how much of an equity share to do here? Is this a 50/50 split? I want to make sure that he is well motivated to turn out a great project whether it is a flip or a BRRRR. I am handling the financing, legals, and have a deal finder as part of my team.

The second part of my question is: I am just beginning the process of raising private capital. I have been the lender before, so I know what interest rate I was given when I lent the money. Is there an industry standard range for private debt-partners/investors?

I am looking for a win/win/win situation here and am more concerned with building a great long term team and doing 1000 deals long term than I am about getting every bit I can out this next one. If I take a bit less, but all sides are happy, that should lead to many more deals in the future and we will all be better off because of it.