Other lists besides Listsource?

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Hey @Neil C. Listsource seems to be the most popular choice (based solely on the conversations I observe here on BP), but there are a TON of other ways to get lists (some of which can result in better, more current information).

Personally, I use AgentPro247.com (which is similar to listsource). I pay $18/mo for 2,000 leads - which is more than enough for what I need.

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Hi @Neil C. - I honestly don't know. I'm guessing they both pull data from the same sources (whatever each individual county makes available in their public records), so I'm not sure how the information from one would be any better than the other. It could be that Listsource has more of a user-friendly interface, which certainly counts for something... but again, this is just speculation on my end.

Also, just to clarify - the normal price for a bronze subscription on AgentPro is $20/mo. In order to get it for $18, you have to enter Partner ID: CFGRSH during the sign up process.

I'm with CoreLogic ListSource and came across this website. Seeing this post, I thought I'd chime in. Before I do so, I must state that all views expressed herein are solely those of my own and do not constitute official statements or positions of my employer.

I have seen AgentPro247 once but have never used it. With that said, Seth is correct in saying there is an interface difference. If I had to put aside which side of the fence I'm on and try to be objective, I must say that, in terms of user-friendly interface, my personal vote is still with ListSource.

I can confirm Seth's statement about sources. CoreLogic, the company, gathers its information from public records across 3,000+ counties across America and makes it available in its product, ListSource. We happen to be the nation's largest provider of real property data and have a greater geographic footprint than our closest competitor (who created AgentPro247).

As the OP brought up, there may be a price difference. ListSource charges you per lead (per name/address). Typically when you register for an account on ListSource.com by yourself, you pay full retail pricing. We, sales reps, however have the ability to provision discounted rates (roughly 30-40% off) to customers.

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What do most of you look for in a list?

Short sale list

Foreclosure list

Customized property profile

Standard farm list

or list of homes on one street with the owners info

What is a normal price for a list and how many count you get?

Joe Gore


I am a new wholesaler and want to use AgentPro247. I went to the site and signed up for the bronze $20/month plan for 2,000 records. But I can't filter by Loan to Value (LTV) to find potential sellers with equity. What values/fields are you filtering your searches by?

@Robert M. - just looking at their sign up page, I'm thinking you'd have to sign up for their Gold or Platinum subscription if you wanted to filter down THAT specifically in your lists.

I don't really use those things in my business, which is why I use the Bronze subscription... but if I did need to have more capabilities, I'd sign up for one of those more expensive ones.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I initially believed you were wholesaling. I haven't purchased a list from listsource.com yet but it sounds like the agentpro247 Gold Membership (2000 records/month) is a cheaper alternative to listsource.

Offtopic question - How do you tag someone to your post?

Offtopic question - How do you tag someone to your post?

@Robert M. , it looks like you tried to tag Seth in your last post, but after starting to type the name after the "@" sign a popup shows up under the text box and you can click on the appropriate name and it takes care of the rest.

If you're looking for leads in california, you can ask a title company for a list - most title companies would happily give that for you for free (as long as you don't give them a lot of work and/or give them some business)

Hey @Seth Williams , thanks for the post! I just finished listening to BP show #39 and learned quite a bit! Thanks for the tip on agentpro247, my wife and I have been comparing them to listsource and they do seem a bit cheaper.

I also have quick question for you concerning vacant land. I recenlty came across a piece of vacant land (improved) through CraigsList that is situated in the middle of a residential area. My only issue now is trying to value the land. I have tried to pull comps on vacant land but with little to no success. I have also tryied to pull comps on residential properties that have sold within the last six months but only came across 1 that was 2 miles away and sold for 70k. I was able to work the seller down to 15k from 18k.

From your own experience, is purchasing improved lots in residential areas at ~15k in say a neighborhood with an average price of 100k a good idea?



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