private money proposal advice

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I'm new to investing so i have a few questions about startup.

1. how do i go about creating a proposal for getting private money i feel i would be more comfortable going after my first deal if i knew the funds was going to be available.

2. is it better to have an llc when trying to get private funds that way im not personally liable

3. can i get a ball park figure on average what the lawyer fees would be to set up it up because i'm on a shoe string budget(living paycheck to paycheck)

any good advice would be appreciated i feel like such a noobie

my best advice is do nothing now. Educate yourself 6 months to a year then stop analyzing and dive in. Your questions can be better answered when you know and explain the route you want to take. Are you flipping holding starting a business to do other things? Living check to check could mean credit issues and your income could be a major factor on a loan. Coleauge me and we'll walk the path.

at some point u need to stop studying and dive in because life is the best teacher u will ever have

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