Where to find private lenders?

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I am looking for a private lender and I have not had any luck. Some of you that have used private lenders where did you look? I have went with family all ready but where else?

A lot of it is just expanding your network, letting people family and friends know what it is you do. You would be surprised how many people have extra cash and would like to invest in real estate and simply don't know how to get started. I have casually mentioned to friends that if they know anyone who is looking to invest to let me know. My friends are never the investor but friends or family of them have. Hope a couple of those ideas helped.

@David Lee  ,

I would go to any local investing meetup, especially one heavy with flippers. There are ALWAYS PML/HML looking to deploy capital, and I've heard complaints from many that they don't have enough borrowers.. They are trying to push capital out the door, and rates have dropped somewhat in PML/HML. Unfortunately, these guys like CA, so unless you're investing out here, hard for me to make a direct recommendation..

Try meetup.com for local groups. 

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