Errors on credit report

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Upon applying for money from a lender, we were to submit a copy of our credit history.   My father makes much more than I do, so we supplied his history first.

However, his credit history was filled with every address I have ever lived at , plus properties he has never had his name associated with.  There is also a delinquent notice, something neither of us have ever had. We called the bank, they said "Oh I dont know."  We called the credit company, they said "Oh I dont know."  

Who do we really need to be pursuing at this point?  

Do these errors appear on reports from all three major reporting bureaus? Especially for the delinquency notice, that was reported by someone, and there will be a record of that so you can follow-up with the reporter first.

There are formal dispute policies for credit reports that contain errors. You can file most of them online.

I recently finished a book entitled 'The Big Score: Getting it and Keeping It, Buying Power For Life' by Linda Ferrari that has good strategies and helpful tips for correcting credit report errors, as well as a lot of other good information. You can get it on Amazon for about $25, which I initially thought was a little expensive for a 285 page paperback, but after reading it I believe it is worth the cost. I have also employed Lexington Law to clean up errors on my credit report and I have had some success with them. Good luck, and please let us know what methods you end up using and how well they work!

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