THIS is how you apply for a loan (Brandon's 1st GIF!)

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I'm always harping on folks to take their loan application process more seriously and present something professional to the banker, as it will increase your chance of your loan being approved exponentially. Just to let everyone know I practice what I preach, here is my very first GIF - showing off my 20 page, laminated application.  

Wish me luck! I pitch the commercial lender tomorrow on a refinance of my apartment complex! 

Hey Brandon, Good Luck!!!!

Nice Brandon good look on your loan book presentation to your banker.

I found a couple other good portfolio/commercial lenders that you might be interested in as well.

However if you're refinancing your multi 5+ units and a lower rate is important than Chase apartment financing seems to be very aggressive with no tax returns required too.

Looks good Brandon! We'll pray for ya'. Good vibrations.

Good luck Brandon.  That is my big use for the Rental Analyzer now.  I use it to produce the nice summary of the property to present to my wife.  When I was looking at a place I needed financing on I took it to the local banker and he was very impressed and said it had everything he needed to see about the property. 

good luck,but you dont need it you got where you are off of hard work and due diligence.....a hero to us all.

Well - I guess when what you have is a pig, you'd better put some lipstick on it...hahaha

Buddy, this was too easy...hahaha  Good Luck, Brandon!

Best wishes to You Brandon, may the Commercial Lending department shine down on You and see Your Great work.  Tom

@Brandon Turner  - Good Luck!  Looks good.  What's included in the 20 pages other than the analysis of the property?  

The bank just posted their response on their website.  Better luck next time @Brandon Turner  

Good luck Brandon, hope we can see some guidelines of what you are presenting.

Geez, that's official. I'd lend you money. :P

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