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Has anyone had recent experience with Visio Financial. They offer investor loans at hard money rates . The last post I could find is over a year old and only one investor has used them.

Thanks for the private responses to this post. I have also noted that my email is not correct in the post it is now listed on my profile as [email protected] but not on the post so if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

Still interested in input from anyone with experience on cash out private money etc.

What information is available regarding Visio?

I have messages from bigger  pockets members who have used Visio for hard money and they are positive but note to expect high fees .

My concern is not the fees , they are agreed to in advance but the track record of providing loans after getting the $500 + appraisal fee up front.

@Michael Lauther  @Glenn Willeford  I operate a private money brokerage and have had success in closing a few loans for investors with them. Their fees are on the high side as compared to others. However, you can consider it as a premium of sorts for convenience, swiftness of funding and the no income, no credit, no asset verification approach. But they are great to work with.

From what I last saw, the interest rate was around 14% or so.

We've recently lowered our rates and updated products. Check us out and give me a call!

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